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New Tuesday Column: The Missing Link

Topics: Missing Links | Add A CommentBy admin | January 15, 2013

Generally, we’re choosy mothers who don’t choose GIF’s. Unless of course they’re Spongebob GIF’s that demonstrate men and women’s perception of the other gender’s idea of foreplay. We’re starting a new weekly section to share the links we otherwise don’t feel are worth sharing. Enjoy the Youtubidity.

Running a site like Dissociated Press, I end up seeing dozens of links submitted by visitors almost every day. Usually, I’ve seen them myself already on Reddit or some other social sharing site, but by the end of the day (like it or not) I end up feeling like I’ve seen the entire internet. A friend mocks me about this by saying, in a dramatic, breathy voice: “The internet. I have seen it“. In any case, I end up with these unimagineably huge collections of bookmarks and animated GIF’s that serve almost no purpose whatsoever. I tried once before to find a way to unload them on you with collections of infographs and videos or pointless lists of lists, but quickly discovered it was almost as much work as creating actual original content. But we’re going to give this idea a reboot every Tuesday for a while anyway, so enjoy. Linky goodness complete with YouTubidity below.


Which would you think is more likely to be plagued with human parasites of some sort, the Wall Street Journal, or Brazil?


The respective gender’s perception of the other gender’s idea of foreplay, presented as a Sponge Bob animation.

How men perceive women’s idea of foreplay:

How women perceive men’s idea of foreplay:

They’d probably bellyache four times as much if they had two sets of genitals (maybe NSFW) .


Did a Googlemobile run over a camel in Botswana ? They tend to clean up these images quickly, so here’s a screen grab:


And, the week in….

The best Russian dashcam video you will see this week:

The best traffic chopper video you will see this week:

The best Frisbee death you will see this week (a little gory):