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Maybe Lance Armstrong Isn’t A Bad Guy – Maybe He’s Just A Psychopath

Topics: Health & Wellness | Add A CommentBy admin | January 17, 2013

Maybe we’re so desperate for heroes these days that we’re willing to overlook the obvious signs of mental illness.

As you may know, last year research confirmed something that most of us had deduced by way of common sense years ago – that Wall Street is full of psychopaths. I mean, that was kind of the whole point behind the film American Psycho, wasn’t it? That in the professional environment of Wall Street, an out of control, psychopathic murderer would go virtually unnoticed? Anyway, today on BigThink.com, Daniel Honan ponders the possibility that maybe Lance Armstrong isn’t a horrible person, he’s just a psychopath. In the BigThink video below, Kevin Dutton – author of The Wisdom of Psychopaths – discusses how hard it might be to distinguish the behaviors of top athletes from your every day, garden variety psychopath. Ignore the fact that Dutton sort of has the appearance of a stereotypical movie crazy himself, he makes some cogent points: