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I’d Gladly Walk Your Dogma But I’d Have To Park My Karma

Topics: Editorial & Opinion | Add A CommentBy admin | March 3, 2011

A special thanks to Charlie Sheen, Craig Ferguson, and the Milky Way.

If I adhered to established but unspoken Internet Dogma (let’s call it “Blogma”), I should be assembling some kind of witty piece comparing Charlie Sheen’s recent rants with those of Muammar Gaddafi, like this Guardian Whose Line Is It? quiz. But the fact is, I’m failing to find much humor in an insane dictator who dresses like Little Richard and kills his own citizens with hired guns from nearby devastated African countries. I also have a little trouble seeing any real humor in a deranged, egotistical, embattled drug addict embarrassing himself in the media. Regarding the first issue, I’ve always believed that killing is a really, really horrible thing. I’ve only actually watched two people die in person, but I can’t imagine why someone would cause that to happen to someone else on purpose. And regarding the second issue? As fun as drugs can be, they don’t really do anything positive that can’t be accomplished without them. I speak with a little experience in that area too; although I finally knocked it off a few years ago, I managed to consume pretty much every drug available to man, and in excess for many years. At the height of that silliness, I was “banging three gram rocks”, not seven grams like Charlie. But that’s “war story” stuff, and as any veteran of either real war or a personal war on one’s own addictions knows, war stories are stupid. They try to glorify something that fundamentally sucks. So lately, as I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the human dramas and catastrophes around the world – from the Middle East to the Midwest to down under, I realized I needed to re-center. To put things in perspective, and focus on sensible things. And watching Charlie Sheen’s rants actually helped, because he reminded me of the self-deluded person I was not too long ago. But what probably helped more was the clip below from Craig Ferguson’s TV show in which he compares making fun of Sheen to making fun of lunatics in Bedlam in the 17th century. I’ve never watched Ferguson’s show, but it was heartening to see a pop media figure showing a little humanity without coming across as preachy. And what probably has given me even more perspective over the last couple of days is the video below that one, which is simply a time-lapse clip of the Milky Way and a night of stars moving across the sky over Lake Tahoe. As I grasp for brief moments what it is that I’m seeing seeing, as our planet spins in one direction against a background of stars in the shape of a huge spiral moving another direction, with space debris occasionally streaking across the sky as it burns up in our atmosphere, for those brief moments I get a little perspective on how grand and magical the universe really is, and how maybe I need to just focus on my little corner for a bit. Thanks Charlie. Thanks Craig. Thanks Milky Way.

Craig Ferguson On Charlie Sheen

Time Lapse of Milky Way And A Night Of Stars

Video by Justin Majeczky

To understand what that band of stars is moving across the sky near the beginning of the clip, this image is helpful. Full-size image here.