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Hmmmm. Upgrades.

Topics: Editorial & Opinion | Add A CommentBy admin | February 13, 2011

We’re performing some long-overdue software updates today, so if the site is down, you’ll know why. Oh. Wait. If the site is down, you aren’t reading this, are you.

I haven’t had the greatest luck with computers recently. I spent the day after Christmas last year re-installing Windows XP with a thumb drive after a major data loss thanks to a dead hard drive. And last week, our hosting company had a pretty catastrophic upgrade problem that made for some misery all around. To their credit, they managed to remain courteous and communicative through the whole process, and things are mostly back to normal. Which is something I can’t say for many other companies I’ve worked with, so I still highly recommend them. To anyone who has to go through an ordeal like this, I’d like to share something insightful a fellow customer said on one of the support threads, which was: “By the way, encouraging people to bitch on Twitter so they can jump the support line is a really, really bad idea“. Now there’s some common sense advice. In any case, we’re doing some upgrades today, so if the site is down, that’s why. Oh. Wait. If the site is down, you won’t be reading this. Oh well, we’re hoping it goes smoothly, and if it doesn’t, we saw The Matrix Reloaded, so we know ways to deal with problematic upgrades. You just beat the crap out of them in bullet time.