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Euro Comedy Group Grotesco’s “The Trial”

Topics: Popular Media | Add A CommentBy admin | February 27, 2011

Finally, the Swedes get some comedic revenge for all those Swedish Chef clips on The Muppets, with an hilarious look at American courtroom drama, viewed through European eyes.

A typical American. At least through the
eyes of Swedish comedy group “Grotesco”.

I’ve always found it interesting that Swedish Chef – one of the liberal progressive Muppets who were otherwise best known for touting the virtues of political correctness and equalism – mocked the real Swedish tongue using a pidgin Swedish vocabulary consisting mostly of variations of the words “dirga” and “doinga”. Words which may have the same root as the Pidgin Arabic phrase “dirka dirka” from the movie Team America: World Police. A phrase which Urban Dictionary explains is “…one of the 3 words in the islamic [sic] language …’Dirka Dirka’, ‘Muhammad’, and ‘Jihad’…” As ignorant, monolingual Americans, we have a long history of comedy based on what we don’t know about other cultures, so I derived a perverse joy yesterday by seeing the tables turned in The Trial (also below), an episode of the Swedish comedy show “Grotesco”. It’s a brilliantly hilarious look at American courtroom drama viewed through Swedish eyes and ears. Although it’s subtitled in Swedish, the mock English dialog consists of dramatic courtroom moments in which an attorney might ask “why aren’t we at home, with our mammals, watching raceball?” But I’ve said too much. The episode “The Trial” is featured below, along with a music video by “DJ Trexx”, a regular on the show, which according to the Google translation of the site Grotesco.se, was aired in 2007. I hope we see more of Grotesco; even subtitled, a lot of their routines are hilarious, presented in a style that falls somewhere between Mad TV, Living Colour, and Kids in the Hall. They have a YouTube channel, but many more clips can be found simply by browsing YouTube.

The Trial Part I

“What time is it?:
“A lemon dirty. Time to pay Old McDonald Sutherland a visit.”

DJ Trexx – A Union of Peace, Love & Base

Europeans! tell me how your feelin’!