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Australian Film Collective Blue Tongue Films

Topics: Popular Media | 1 CommentBy admin | February 17, 2011

My love of short film is partly due to my short attention span, and the remarkably talented filmmakers of Blue Tongue Films provide a OH! LOOK! A BUNNY!

Blue Tongue FilmsNash Edgerton, an Australian fellow who was at one time an aspiring stuntman, has pulled off an even greater stunt by creating a collective of exceptionally talented filmmakers called Blue Tongue Films. I’ve mentioned before how – thanks to my goldfish-like attention span – I’m a bit of short film addict, so while discovering the treasure trove of quality shorts that Blue Tongue has made available via their YouTube channel has given me a huge fix, the sheer volume and quality of their output may unfortunately require checking into film junky rehab when I’m done booting up. I hadn’t heard of Blue Tongue until today, but this NYT piece from last spring outlines how the collaborative formed over the last few years, eventually evolving into a full blown production company that develops its various members’ work in a cooperative fashion perhaps reminiscent of filmmaker friends like Scorsese, De Palma, and Schrader, or Tarantino and Rodriguez. So far I’ve only watched the shorts Netherland Dwarf and Spider (featured below), but both of these films embody mature conception, execution, and production values that make it evident these filmmakers aren’t just talented dabblers. And their feature film Animal Kingdom – although I personally haven’t seen it – adds weight to that assessment; it won a World Cinema Jury Prize at Sundance last year. They have a number of other feature length films in production, and, as I said, plenty of shorts to whet your appetite. Which is why I’m going to just shut up now, and get back to perusing some of the highest quality shorts I’ve seen in a while.

Both of these films rely on skill and substance rather than eye-candy and cliche, and bring surprising little twists that make their various lengths seem just right, reeling you in enough to make you wonder how they could wrap it up in a 10-15 film, and then pulling it off. With a little jolt in one instance, and a gratifying anti-climax in the other.

Netherland Dwarf

Harry really wants a rabbit. Harry’s Dad really wants his wife back. And somehow in the middle of all this wanting, they both seem to have forgotten that they already have each other.


Jack and Jill are always hurting each others feelings. But like Mum said, Its all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

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