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Ah. The Old Triple Trumpet Trombone Tap Dancing Trick

Topics: Music | Add A CommentBy admin | January 11, 2011

The multi-talented Gunhild Carling and the Carling Family seem to be keeping big band and vaudeville alive. I don’t speak Swedish, but thanks to Google Translate I can assure you that they provide “hours of musical binge”.

Ages ago, we answered the question we knew had been gnawing at your mind for ages, i.e.: What Has 14 Legs, 30 Strings, Bad Teeth, and No Soul? Now we’re here to answer another of life’s burning questions: What has three trumpets, a megaphone, a set of bagpipes, a clarinet, a trombone, a blues harp, tap dances, sings jazz standards, tells jokes, speaks Swedish, and can balance a trumpet on its nose while it plays upright bass? Well, actually “it” is a “she”, and her name is Gunhild Carling. I must admit I was left with a strange mixture of admiration and sympathy when I saw this video compilation of just a few of Carling’s talents. My first reaction was “wow, that’s what they mean by multi-talented instrumentalist”, then I was like “wow, but does the world really need a person who can play three trumpets at once?” and then I was like “Aw jeez, I bet the poor thing had one of those miserable showbiz childhoods like Michael Jackson” and then I was like “Ugh. What a tragicomic display of a bizarre desperation to please or impress”. But in the end, I got a grip, stopped psychoanalyzing and prefacing my personal observations with the word “like”, and realized that Gunhild Carling and her family are just fun-loving and talented in the old-school style of vaudeville, jazz, and other ages-old forms of traveling theater. Watching the video clips of Carling is probably a lot less fun than the live show must be; I think this would be a fantastically fun evening of live entertainment. If you don’t enjoy the clips, and you don’t speak Swedish, be sure to at least Google Translate her website for a magical poetry treat that still probably conveys the vibe of a Carling Family show. An example: “Hours of musical binge! Love-game makes people happy. Car-spawn, as an artist family Carling offering, pulling together. The difference is that the Carlingford-game all the time is packed with humor. And it is not always what love succeed.” Hours of musical binge indeed. Check out some vids below. Much more fun – and much less opportunistic – than slowing down to look at car crashes. 

I wonder if she gets union scale for three when she does this:

A roundup of just some of Carling’s many talents:

Amazing Grace, Jazz, and Bagpipes -
She digs into the bluesy/jazzy rendition of Amazing Grace around 1:10

This looks painful…