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Why Can’t This Headline Contain The Word [Expletive Deleted]?

Topics: Editorial & Opinion | 2 CommentsBy admin | November 11, 2010

I thought about doing something special for the one-thousandth article on Dissociated Press, then I said f*ck it.

I noticed the other day that whatever I wrote today would be the one-thousandth thing I wrote for this site, and thought maybe I’d do something special. I pondered a few “retrospective” or “best of” notions, then I said “F*ck it. That would be pretentious“. That’s your last warning; I’m going to drop some f-bombs here. But there’s no gratuitous use of the word. It’s totally relevant to the topic at hand. So. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of work with this Chaldean guy. I know, you’re thinking “Why’s he gotta be Chaldean? Would you say that if he were white?” Well, fuck it. He IS Chaldean. Which basically means he’s “white” anyway. The thing is, he swears like a motherfucker. He has these kids, the cutest triplets in the world, and I ask him once in awhile: “Do you wash that filthy mouth before you kiss those little darlings?” He usually replies with some brief sentence in which “fuck” completely outnumbers all the other helpless little words. After about an hour with this guy, I’m cussin’ like a truck driver. Ordinarily, I don’t use the f-word a lot; in spite of its awesome power, I find it inarticulate most of the time, so I save it up. When you don’t swear with regularity, swear words seem to recharge themselves and build up this incredible force so that when you finally do blast someone with one of them, it nearly knocks them over. But I’m not really here to talk about “fuck” as word. I did that before, and half the fucking links are dead already. No, I want to talk about “fuck it” as an attitude. It had never occurred to me until I started googling the phrase and came across TheFuckItWay.com that it’s a perfect parallel to Eastern notions of spiritual detachment. The guy behind that site apparently even wrote a book called F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way. In his video pitch for the book (also below), he points out that saying “fuck it” can help us achieve the state many of us are seeking without any of that tedious chanting, meditation, or eating beans. I’m not recommending the book or anything; I don’t think I need to read a whole book to understand the release from attachment one can achieve when they say “fuck it”. But it’s an awesome idea. This guy hasn’t cornered the market on this idea though; there’s Margaret Cho’s Fuck It Diet, and Amy Sedaris’ Fuck it Bucket, for instance. Anyway, I could continue rambling, but fuck it. I’m sure you’d rather watch videos, so please enjoy the ones below. Or don’t. It will have little impact on my state of being. Although I do find it mildly annoying that even though I found all these links via Google, all the AdSense content on this page will probably be the non-specific sort, because of the fact that I’m using the f-word so much. Oh well. Fuck it.

Here’s John C. Parkin’s pitch for his book F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way

Somewhere along the way I ran across this guy Paul Crik whose philosophy is “Killin’ It!”, not fuckin’ it. His stuff meanders a clever line between satire and truth. Like when he swears at a baby in this video. It’s okay though. The babies swear back.

And while I was perusing Paul Crik’s stuff, I ran across this video in one of his posts. This cat definitely has the “Fuck It” attitude AND is “Killin’ It”.

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  1. Posted by Pat on 11.12.10 3:44 pm

    Ian, I think Ann Arbor is getting to you- when I worked in Detroit everybody was described by the color of their skin and/or ethnic background- “That tall white lady,” or “The Muslim gal across the hall.” The crazy Hispanic-Jewish teacher constantly made reference to her heritage and how it affected her life. She was huge, fashionable, crazy, loud and proud. I loved it. Talking about who we were and where we came from was fun. It made life interesting. Why pretend that these descriptors and aspects of a person are NOT convenient memory handles and ways of referring to someone when we are doing it inside our brains anyway?
    Same out here in Cali- yes there is plenty of racism everywhere,but speaking openly of color and background is not necessarily THAT.

  2. Posted by admin on 11.12.10 3:56 pm

    You’re right. Fuck it.