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The Bizarre Mystery Of Anderson Multinational

Topics: Popular Media | 6 CommentsBy admin | October 22, 2010

Did David Lewis Anderson disappear into a time paradox of his own creation, leaving behind only random traces of his work, or is this some kind of Alternate Reality Game or viral campaign?

One of the problems with time travel is that if you do it wrong, you leave all sorts of debris behind when you disappear into your latest paradox. At least that’s what seems to have happened to poor David Lewis Anderson. David was a busy guy for a while; he was apparently the CEO and mastermind of Anderson Multinational, which was the parent company of Anderson Investors (Investing in the future with financial solutions for tomorrow), HopeMart (A not-for-profit initiative where shopping builds hope every day), Security Group One, a global safety and security management consulting firm, and about a dozen other organizations. My theory is that one day, he put one of his time control technologies to work, forgetting to delete the files from the web server that remain as the only testament to his now non-existent accomplishments. At least that’s as reasonable a theory as any; if you actually go look at the sites linked to, and you have any sense at all of when something is fishy on the web, you’ll notice something peculiar. Half of the sites that are allegedly part of “Anderson Multinational LLC” are clearly shams, but some of them actually manage to look fairly credible. But even in the case of the more obviously bogus sites, a remarkable amount of Flash content, copy, and typical corporate stock photos went into building them. Which suggests maybe an Alternate Reality Game, viral campaign for a movie, or an internet crank like Art Bell at work. But that’s where it gets really weird; most (if not all, I didn’t check every single one) of the sites are registered to David Anderson , of 620 Park Avenue #308. Compare that actual building with the dazzling contoured mirror glass building featured on the main Anderson Multinational site. Suddenly you get the impression that we’re dealing with an elaborate prank. But the scope of the prank is impressive, and a prank is supposed to have a punchline! This hodgepodge of bogus and not-so-bogus sites doesn’t; it’s sort of like an internet version of the The Aristocrats joke. To add to the weirdness, David Anderson has a seemingly serious – if perhaps a bit dull – video on YouTube (also below), and the content farm drivel-generator otherwise known as Examiner.com has written about him more than once. Will someone please unravel this mystery for me? In the meantime, I think I’ll fan him on Facebook. Oh. And what the hell is this? The unfinished site for their Japanese division?

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  1. Posted by JER on 12.30.10 4:16 pm

    I know where this David L. Anderson is staying along with Heather. Is he a fellon? Have you found any more information about him? They are a very strange couple, and we have had questions of their background. ARE WE TO WORRY?

  2. Posted by admin on 12.30.10 5:13 pm

    Admit it JER, you are David L. Anderson, throwing up another smokescreen ;-)

    But seriously, no, we never dug deeper than this. Feel free to contact us if you have some hot tips.

  3. Posted by JER on 12.30.10 6:47 pm

    no, not DLA. He showed up with Heather in a senior rv park in Arizona. This is their second season with us. We had some negative feelings, and googled his name……So what to do? Seems some of his web sites have not been updated since 2008-09. Kinda dropped out.., and we think he is gathering info. from the seniors for what? The only hot tip is we know where he is. We are contacting the local pd for more info. WE NEED A LIFE! Thanks, JER

  4. Posted by Fed on 05.06.12 11:03 am

    JER, were you able top figure out more info on Anderson? Very interesting to find out where he disapeared to.

  5. Posted by Devika Shah on 06.18.12 3:07 pm

    Dr. Anderson is very well and has been living in India for the last two years and nowhere else. The merger of the Anderson Institute into another organization here is public information. For those truly interested in his work, we understand that results of the new joint research efforts will soon be released. D.S.

  6. Posted by Michael on 07.03.14 11:16 pm

    Oh my god. I listened to this guy when he was on Art Bell… I remember how he had disappeared and was telling my wife about the whole weird story from back when I was a teenager; so weird to find that he’s back. Anyone know anything else about him? Proven scam or still just mystery? He clearly still doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.