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If You Loved Nirvana the Band You’ll Hate Nirvana The Band The Show

Topics: Popular Media | Add A CommentBy admin | October 1, 2010

It’s sort of like “Curb Your Enthusiasm” for hipsters.

Given my love of short film, I have no idea how I missed this one. Back in 2008, two guys in Toronto – Matt Johnson and Jay McCarrol – created a short lived web series called “Nirvana The Band The Show”. If you like dry verite style of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and can tolerate a certain degree of the kind of hipsterism that made the series The Burg work, you might just enjoy The Website Nirvana The Band The Show . Except for the potentially annoying sideways-scrolling layout. On the other hand, if you’re a young hipster who spends most of your time talking about the YouTube show you should make that’s a deadpan take on two guys who spend most of their time talking about the show they will do, the series might just make you a little queasy. The YouTube clip below doesn’t really capture the feel of the show, so just go watch an episode. I imagine the series might have caught on if in all their hipness they had realized that “embeddable is spreadable” (I think I just coined a term), and had put it on YouTube. But since (as the duo themselves said in the interview linked to above) the entire series is based on illegal behavior, maybe you should do them a favor and snag all the episodes and put them on YouTube for them.