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What If America’s Highways Were One Big Solar Panel?

Topics: Clean & Green, Technology | 4 CommentsBy admin | September 23, 2010

Solar Roadways has an idea that could solve several of America’s energy and infrastructure problems at once, and revolutionize energy and transportation.

Okay. So you’re not quite ready to give up your gas guzzling FUV for some pansy little electric just yet. So how about we make the ROADS electric? That’s the rather brilliant idea behind Solar Roadways’ “Intelligent Highway” prototype (video below). The basic idea is that we have 2.73 million miles of paved road in America that just sits there getting driven on. So why not make it a solar grid? We’d produce three times more energy than the country needs, and since the roads go everywhere, including right to your house, why not deliver the electricity intelligently throughout the grid too, eliminating the need for much of the country’s hardwired power distribution? With the erratically skyrocketing costs of asphalt, this idea seems like a no-brainer. Solar Roadways’ highway would be built with – get this – glass, and utilize all sorts of extra features including built-in LED’s that can display virtually any message you like. Personally I think even if the material were quite a bit “dumber”, and only collected and distributed electricity, this would be a brilliant plan for America’s infrastructure. Although there’s a little irony in the fact that much like petroleum, one of the plan’s central materials is plentiful in Saudi Arabia. Down the road we may lament our dependence on foreign sand. But seriously. This is GENIUS. Why hasn’t it gotten more press? Consider giving them a vote to help them get funding from GE.

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  1. Posted by Sandra Watson on 09.24.10 8:42 pm

    Great article, and I hope people will take the time to visit the SOLAR ROADWAYS website and read the facts about this awesome project.

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