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The iPad As A Musical Instrument?

Topics: Music | 1 CommentBy admin | September 7, 2010

Well, maybe not quite yet, but here’s a roundup of some tools that are available that point to a cool future for multitouch musical instrument controllers.

Way back in November of 2008, we took a look at the state of innovative tactile controllers for music. At the time, the coolest cutting edge tools were mostly research projects, certainly not something you’d pick up at the local music store. Well, this is finally beginning to change. For professional work, and for about two grand, there’s the JazzMutant Lemur, which is probably beyond what a lot of musician/songwriters or dabblers need. And if you have the brains and can get your hands on the hardware, there’s the Töken multitouch screen running Emulator (video below). But the iPad – in spite of being an annoyingly closed platform – is coming into its own as a somewhat interesting tool as more sophisticated apps become available. And the overall cost of working with an iPad can’t be beat. After the initial purchase of the iPad itself, many of these apps – like MorphWiz, Pro Keys by BeepStreet, or the latest and probably coolest, Seline HD by Amidio Inc., are often less than ten bucks. For a more comprehensive roundup, both PCWorld and CreateDigitalMusic.com did features earlier this year. Below are a few videos that demonstrate some of the available tools.

If you can figure out what a Töken multitouch screen is, you can run Emulator and do this:

Here’s a quick tutorial for Seline HD, mentioned above

This “iPad Orchestra” video is kind of cool, but only hints at the real potential of Seline HD

This “iPad Band” video is a cleanly edited – if not immaculately performed – runthrough of various tools.

Why does Green Day hate the iPad? Maybe they’re just getting old and stodgy. Or maybe they really ARE punk at heart.

This demo of iHolophone is cool, if only because it’s running on a phone.

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