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Kate Moss As New Christian Dior Spokesmodel?

Topics: Popular Media | Add A CommentBy admin | September 26, 2010

I think Kate Moss would rock as one of the faces of Dior. Although maybe not for the fragrance line. Her face appearing next to their fragrance “Addict” would be a bit too meta even for my tastes.

The obvious cheap shot.

It has been rumored recently that global fashion giant Christian Dior may have made a deal with Kate Moss to be one of their key spokesmodels. The rumor in fact is starting right here; the source that shared the information with me prefers to remain anonymous, and the best-placed people I personally know at Dior couldn’t confirm the truth of it. But it made for some interesting conversation about whom one would choose to represent a powerful and prestigious brand like Dior. In the case of Kate Moss, this could really go either way. She clearly has a “durable” kind of beauty that adapts well across a broad range – from classy and dignified, to naively innocent, to sultry, or downright vampy. And she certainly has the identity cachet for this kind of role; even after her drug and rehab scandal of 2005, Forbes ranked her amongst their top 100 celebrities, with a “Power Rank” of 77. But if Dior is signing Moss, they might want to do some Googlewashing before they launch the campaign; a quick search of the terms “kate moss dior” just now turned up a lot of stories like this one about the night she trashed a 1930′s vintage Dior gown while out partying. It would also be an interesting move if they put her on their fragrance line; one of their hottest fragrances is of course Addict. I jest a bit, because I for one would laud Dior for signing her as a key spokesmodel. In spite of the public’s eagerness to attack celebrities who have drug problems, addiction has been recognized for some time now as a disease or condition rather than a behavioral problem. I mean, you wouldn’t pass her over if she had a minor bout with cancer for instance, right? It would be a strong statement on Dior’s part, and I’m sure she couldn’t do any more damage to their brand than Sharon Stone did in 2008 when she implied that the earthquakes in China were “bad karma”  for China’s treatment of Tibet. I hope it’s true that they’re signing Moss, myself. Although I admire Natalie Portman, when they signed her on in June of this year, I didn’t really get it. Dior has done a great job of cashing in on Chanel’s brand damage as a result of their heavy association with NY party monsters and rappers (or Snooki) and Portman seems a little too “pop culture” to fit Dior’s prestige vibe in my opinion. More brand ideas for Dior below.

Since they’ve already signed Natalie Portman, it would be a stoke of genius to call George Lucas and start licensing some Star Wars characters. They’d reach a rabid new market of social-network addicted fan boys.

If things worked out they could call James Cameron, rebrand j’adore, and not even have to pay the model:

Because Charlize Theron won’t be young and beautiful forever, you know.