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Mean Green Machines

Topics: Clean & Green | Add A CommentBy admin | June 20, 2010

Now available in two, four, and eight wheeled versions.

Photo: Amadeus Photography via PopSci.com

If you love the growl of a high-performance race car engine, this round up of cars that do 0-60MPH in less than 4 seconds will have little appeal for you. We’re sorry to inform you petrol addicts that these vehicles also won’t be contributing to any of those oil spills you seem so fond of. Just ten years ago, the idea of a stylish, high performance electric car or motorcycle still seemed a bit far-fetched. But as our oil-addicted culture sputters into the 21st century, the number of sexy electrics available is expanding rapidly. You may have heard of the innovative Tesla, which has an even brighter future now that Toyota is getting involved. Toyota’s decision makers were impressed with Tesla’s commitment to Monozukuri, which is part of the origin of Toyota’s 70 year philosophy of “contributing to the society through the manufacture of automobiles”. But Tesla’s not the only electric on the block these days. Finally, you can make a list called World’s Top 10 Fastest Electric Cars. And if the Shelby SuperCars Aero EV (no relation to this super car by Shelby) is for real, there’s some astounding innovation going on; they claim a 150-200 mile range from a mere 10 minute recharge on a standard 110V outlet. Some people have their doubts, but remember, it was just over a hundred years ago that people were calling those two guys in North Carolina crackpots for saying people could fly. This new focus on sexy, high performance EV’s isn’t limited to autos though. The MotoCzysz – a racing bike by American motorcycle developer Michael Czysz – just took a title in the legendary Isle of Man bike race, and Mission Motors lays claim to “Fastest Production Electric Motorcycle in the World” with their Mission One Superbike which can “pop wheelies” at 70MPH. And finally, if two or four wheels don’t strike your fancy, how about eight? The Eliica may look strange, but pulls a faster 0-60 than a Porsche 911 Turbo, and the designers intend to use it to break existing land speed record for street legal vehicles.

The Eliica may look strange, but pulls a faster 0-60 than a Porsche 911 Turbo.

The makers of the Aero EV make some outlandish claims about the car.