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How Green Is The White House?

Topics: Clean & Green | Add A CommentBy admin | June 6, 2010

The White House and Washington in general are pretty green. It’s just the policies they create that are all black and oily. And you may be surprised to learn that George Bush may have been secretly green in his spare time.

I’m sorry to say that’s classified information. But we do know that solar panels were installed in 2003 under the Bush administration, and the Obama administration is planning upgrades. President Carter is rarely given credit for his inspired attempts at opening America’s eyes to the perilous environmental future that is now the present, but he managed to open a few with this speech in 1977. He also installed solar panels on the White House which were later taken down by Ronald Reagan, in a move that was partly practical (a roof leak was being repaired), and certainly a typically Reaganesque political statement at the same time. And although the Obama administration appears firmly committed to clean & green issues, the presidential limo won’t be a hybrid, for obvious reasons. I have to admit that as I prepared to write what I intended to be a snark on Washington’s limo-driven excess and apalling waste, I was suprised to find that DC is often high up on lists of green cities. I was equally surprised to find that living in New York City is considered by some green thinkers to be a greener lifestyle choice than living in Vermont. And I’m sure that you’ll be as surprised as I was that Bush’s Crawford Ranch was pretty green too. So it seems that all in all, Washington’s pretty green. It’s just the policies created there that cause all the problems. For a lengthy and dry – but informative – history of how US foreign policy was shaped by oil over the last century, see this 1975 government report. And for a refresher on why we invaded Iraq, see this Independent UK piece. And then take a look at this list to figure out who we’ll invade next. My bet’s on Canada.