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Dissociated Press Seeks Partners & Contributors

Topics: Editorial & Opinion | Add A CommentBy admin | June 11, 2010

If you’re a writer, web marketer, or Wordpress whiz, drop us a line.

I originally launched Dissociated Press in June, 2008 merely as a way to force myself to write each day. I wanted to do something more like a magazine than a blog, so set the site up with specific magazine-like categories. At various times over the last two years, writer friends have said they’d start contributing, but never did. So I kept plodding along, and the site traffic grew, but not to a number of page views that generates significant revenue. With a busy schedule, I had to choose between fresh daily content and marketing, and opted for the former. Unfortunately, the organic search traffic (as one might expect) hasn’t provided quite the oomph I need to keep this up, so I’m making the tough decision to make one last stab at soliciting contributors or partners, or moving on to other projects. I’m almost finished with a book, and am also working on a small startup, among other things. If you’re a writer, web marketer, or WordPress whiz, drop me a line and we can discuss possibilities.