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MoHo: At Last, A Politically Correct Term For “White Trash”

Topics: Lifestyle & Culture | Add A CommentBy admin | May 17, 2010

After extensive research and market testing, we came up with a term to give white trash their pride back: MoHo. Along the way, we discovered Dreadnecks, Pillbillies, and Whinorities.

As you can see, a “dreadneck” is nearly
indistinguishable from a “redneck”

In our most recent piece on the white American subcultures referred to as Rednecks, Hillbillies and White Trash, we observed the fact that the latter of the three were the only ones that lacked pride in their culture, partly because of the fact that the very definition of their life is based on aspiration, but also in large part because of their moniker. We said we’d work on a nicer term than “white trash” to help them reclaim a little pride. Well, after extensive research and market testing, we think we have it, and the winner is… “MoHo”. It’s the perfect term, because – much like bobo or fauxhemian – it evokes urbanism, aspiration, and desperation all at the same time, but while handily including a contraction of “mobile home”, the cornerstone of MoHo culture. As you might guess, we kicked around a lot of other terms along the way, and were a little surprised that some of them were being used seriously. Especially disturbing was “pillbilly”. Partly because it was so commonly used, but mostly after watching one of them in action, smoking a prescription pill in a sort of chasing the dragon style. And although Urban Dictionary defines “whinority” in a racial way, I’m going to start using it to refer to any white person in America that complains their life is hard. See our short list of other terms we passed over below, and feel free to share any we haven’t covered.

Pillbillies – Drug trafficking hillbillies. Rural meth lab operators.
Dreadnecks – Pot smoking rednecks.
Cowpunks – Rural kids who try try to dress in punk and goth styles.
Metnecks – Folks who drive into town from their lake house and order “expresso” at the cafe.
Grillbilly – Someone whose idea of “upwardly mobile” is getting a job in the city at a fast food joint.
Tillbilly – Those hard working ladies with three teeth you see at Walmart.
Willbillies – Poor white people who collect unemployment while they wait for their rich uncle Clem to die.
Whinority – Any white person in America that complains about their lot in life