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Bell Gardens – Hangups Need Company

Topics: Music | 1 CommentBy admin | May 22, 2010

Members of the groups Stars Of The Lid and Furry Things get together to form the immaculately anachronistic pop group Bell Gardens.

If you enjoy perusing the meandering sub-genres of current indy pop, you might be intrigued by Bell Gardens’ new EP “Hangups Need Company” (available on vinyl as well as digital). Bell Gardens features members from ambient act Stars of the Lid, which is what first drew my attention. I fell in love with Stars of the Lid mainly because their music sounds so much like some of my own music (listen to “On The Eve” and “Redshore” from that link for comparison). Don’t look for the same ethereal ambient stylings in Bell Gardens’ music though; while they themselves reference the Beach Boys’ Cuddle Up, Jack Nitzsche’s We Have To Stay, and Bobby Vinton as influences, I can confidently say they lifted pages straight from Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother and the entire gestalt of obscure 60′s folk psychedelia. The songs have a strangely comforting honesty that’s created by – as they put it – “mainly live instrumentation, thinking about what was available in studios from the 50s to the mid 70s”. If I had heard “Hangups Need Company” without knowing who it was, I would be certain that it was some lost pop treasure from the late 60′s. The videos they’ve made available so far (see below) capture a sort of David Lynch vibe with their quirky and surreally anachronistic images.

Bell Gardens “End Of The World”

This makes me feel like someone slipped acid in my Cheerios and left me sitting in front of the TV in 1965 while Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother played in the background. Which is my peculiar way of saying “I Like It”.

Bell Gardens’ “Labour At The Landmark”

This one makes me think of Angelo Badalamente watching his dad’s vacation clips:

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