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Robyn With A Why

Topics: Music | Add A CommentBy admin | April 21, 2010

How and why I finally succumbed to the Europoptasticalness of Robyn

Swede Dreams Are Made Of This

Make that three whys. Why, why, why do I like Robyn? I’m supposed to be a mildly snobbish follower of quality indy music like, I dunno, Grizzly Bear, and Hot Chip, and Flying Lotus. That sort of thing. The effects-and-compression slathered beatbox pop of someone like Robyn should be total anathema to me. And frankly, when I first heard her a few years ago, her music was. On my first listen, I thought “Ack! It’s like Pink meets MIA meets Ephemera meets Powerpuff Girls”. Or something like that. And then I listened to it a few weeks later, and was mortified to find myself liking it. I think I was resisting because it was so much like music I was trying to do in the eighties, except what Robyn is pulling of is perfectly, plinkily, Europoptastical. I think I was also struggling with the fact that in her pretty/ugly asymmetrical perfect-hair androgyny, she looks like the the girl I used to WISH I looked like AND the guy I would want to want to date me. If I were a girl who looked like that. And if I liked guys that way. So it’s been a struggle, but I finally relented. Robyn rocks, and if you don’t agree, you probably don’t like pure, perfected pop. I’m not surprised she hasn’t really broken in a big way in the states; self-aware Europop genius like this is often lost on us. And to add to the challenge, appreciating the fairly genuine sentiments expressed in her best tunes requires being thoroughly in touch with your inner melodramatic teen. Check out the widget and video below, or learn more about the odd career of the Swedish/Brit pop phenom on Wikipedia

With Every Heartbeat was one of her first hits. She’s kind of stiff, she over-emotes, but in the end that’s part of what works. She talks like a badass, but exudes a disarming discomfort with herself. And damn, that’s a great haircut!