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Bottled Water Battle Picks Up Steam

Topics: Clean & Green | Add A CommentBy admin | March 29, 2010

The bottled water industry is drunk on their profits, but if you still have a bottle in front of you, consider a frontal lobotomy.

America has a strange relationship with its beverages. Not too long ago I was at a business meeting, and on one side of me sat a woman drinking decaf coffee. On the other side, a man drinking ├ívitae caffeinated water. This was amusing enough on its own, but then I looked at the sippy-cup-like top on the woman’s coffee, and back at the man’s bottled energy water, and it suddenly hit me: we’re a nation of toddlers and infants that will stick just about anything in our mouth if given the chance. Which may go a long way toward explaining America’s irrational love affair with bottled water. We’ve touched on the rather significant negative impact of letting yourself get insanely gouged by paying up to $21.00 per gallon for water that is no better than your local tapwater before, but Thinking Outside The Bottle seems to be picking up some steam. You may already be hip to how stupid and evil bottled water is, but if not, learn more by watching the eight minute video The Story of Bottled Water (video also below). Or read Bottlemania, which explains in detail how – when tap water has become better than ever before – bottlers like Coca-Cola have built a $60 billion business by convincing consumers that bottled water was better. There are dozens of resources if you’re more of an activist, but for a couple of broader starting points it doesn’t matter if you Think Outside The Bottle or Inside The Bottle. If you want to get more specific, there are campaigns like Getting States Off The Bottle , or the Start A Lie social network smearing tool.