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Take A Walk On The Zef Side With Die Antwoord

Topics: Music | 2 CommentsBy admin | February 8, 2010

The name of South Africa’s suddenly “Internet Famous” Rave/Rap/Zef sensation “Die Antwoord” means “The Answer” in Afrikaan, but it’s hard to figure out what the question was.

The first time you see & hear South Africa’s Die Antwoord , you might think to yourself something like “Wow, America really hasn’t cornered the market on white trash wiggerdom, has it?” But that would not only be a choice of words that many would find offensive, it would be horribly inaccurate as well. The fact is, I’m not sure there are words to describe the band. They sort of look like someone traveled to the future and dragged Vanilla Ice from the geriatric ward, paired him with Pink’s abandoned trailer child, and then stuck them out in the Cape Town slums to fend for themselves. Or like extras living on the fringe of the alien ghetto in District 9. However one chooses to describe them, they manage to pull off a sort of punk/rap vibe with a weird mixture of contrivance and authenticity reminiscent of the Sex Pistols. Sure, it sort of knows it’s camp, but it’s genuinely good camp, so it works. Or do they really mean it? It’s hard to tell. The band is fronted by “Ninja” (aka “Watkin ‘Waddy’ Tudor Jones” aka “Max Normal”) and Yo-Landi (Yolandi Visser), both former members of Max Normal.TV, and in the press so far, they’re not letting on if it’s meant to be a joke or turned out that way by accident. My hunch is that in spite of their sudden and unexpected Internet Fame, that there’s some method to the madness. The production values are pretty high, punk-mulletted rapper chick Yolandi Visser is – in spite of a brilliantly crafted image to the contrary – an educated college hottie, and Ninja has been around for a while in the Cape Town Afrikaan “Zef” scene that this all seems to bank on for its cred. If your Afrikaan is as rusty as mine, there are sites that explore Zef slang and culture, and if you were wondering, the band’s name means “The Answer”. Which leaves one a little disturbed about what the question must’ve been.

Die Antwoord – Zef Side

Die Antwoord – Enter The Ninja (dirty version)

Pink Floyd Jiggin:

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  1. Posted by Bill Gates on 02.09.10 8:18 am

    You’re ‘Afrikaan’ is not only rusty, it’s probably non-existant. It’s Afrikaans. That was like saying the article is written in Engli.
    Nice article, though.

  2. Posted by admin on 02.09.10 11:32 am

    Thanks for the correction Mr. Gates, you’re right. I don’t speak Afrikaans. You might want to check your contractions while we’re at it though. Unless of course you’re THE Bill Gates, in which case we’ll let it slide; you were proabably using Word’s spell check.