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The Virtual Revolution On BBC

Topics: Technology | Add A CommentBy admin | January 23, 2010

Ironically, I’ll probably watch the latest TV show I’m excited about on the Internet, not on TV.

It’s a little ironic that I’m as intrigued as I am with the upcoming BBC Television series The Virtual Revolution, because I haven’t had TV since 2002. Since I don’t have TV, I have no idea how well they’re promoting the program through that medium, but I do know that – true to the concept of the series – they’re promoting it rather brilliantly via the web. If you follow any of the mainstream tech blogs like Gizmodo, you may already know about the program, but if you fall a little lower on the Social Technographics ladder, you’ll hear more about it soon. So why am I so excited about it? Well, aside from my minor crush on the show’s host Aleks Krotoski, the PhD-bound tech journalist who (among other things) writes a tech column for the Gaurdian, the show has been open-sourced in a fashion reminiscent of Trent Reznor’s recent concert DVD. The BBC web site for the program features a blog to keep you updated, and they’ve already had a mashup contest to highlight the series’ special content that you are allowed to download, edit and republish under a permissive licence. They even open-sourced the name of the series. View the intro teaser at left, and the mashups and other clips below; the program launches on BBC2 Saturday January 30, 2010.

Barry Pilling – BBC’s Digital Revolution Mash-Up

Cassetteboy – The Web for Beginners

Below is an example of the remixable content the BBC is providing. In this graphic segment about packet switching, they demonstrate that the Internet IS a series of tubes after all.

Okay, okay. I confess I’m only watching because I have a crush on host Aleks Krotoski…