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Is That A Bomb In Your Underpants? Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Topics: Politics | Add A CommentBy admin | January 10, 2010

Whether or not you think the underpants bomber was a terrorist Depends™ on your point of view, I guess. Although his crime was Hane™-ous, we felt no Fruit of the Boom™.

Oddly, this book was NOT
authored by Umar Farouk
Abdulmutallab’s children.

I haven’t found terrorism and politics this much fun since 2006, when prankster John Hargrave stuffed a dildo in his pants before boarding a flight, just to see what would happen. As someone who – every single day – is finding himself a little further outside the value system of either political party in America, I’ve been finding it easier and easier to be amused rather than angered by what’s going down in this country. Especially things like paid dillweed Larry Kudlow of Politico ranting about how Obama should ix-nay the ending-spay, as if the Bush gang didn’t do anything to start the biggest spending spree in US history. Or Rudy Giuliani claiming that the date September 11, 2001 was magically not a date that was on the calendar during the Bush administration. It’s Rudy’s gaffe that I find most amusing, and I don’t care that he admitted his error later. The original statement is what most xenophobic hillbillies with cable will remember. But the thing that I find really funny about it was that he was suggesting that a lone looney with fireworks in his undies was a terrorist. C’mon people. The serious press is already calling him the “Underpants Bomber”. And if you don’t believe he was a confused and inept individual acting on his own, I suggest you download and read his collected rantings that had been posted on Islamic Forum Gawaher.com; Wired has graciously provided them with a link to a zip file in their recent piece Analyze This: The Mind of the Underpants Bomber. And never mind all that. Let’s not forget he was flying into DETROIT, for cryin’ out loud. Obviously Rudy’s never been to “The Big D”, or he’d know that the nation has nothing to worry about from an undies bomber entering HERE.  We’d shut that sh– down in NO time.