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High-Tech Gadgets Put New Spin On Secret Santa Concept

Topics: Technology | Add A CommentBy admin | December 12, 2009

Thanks to these affordable high-tech surveillance gadgets, your workplace Secret Santa Stalker sees you when you’re sleeping, and knows when you’re awake.

You don’t know it, but this holiday season there’s a special someone who has their eye on you. Of course you don’t know it, because they’re keeping that eye on you with an Audio-Activated Hidden Camera by BrickHouse Security®, which, as the product description points out, can “capture every detail even in low light situations“. Yes, for some the holidays are a time of love and cheer, for others, a time of loneliness and despondency, and for yet others, a time to enjoy psychotic fantasies of how much you’ll love them for the bizarre gift they can’t decide on because they’re so incredibly in love with you. In love with you the way Robin William’s character in One Hour Photo is in love with the Yorkin family, but in love with you all the same. So far, their favorite gift idea for you is GPS lingerie, but they’ll agonize over this every sleepless night until Christmas, so who knows what you’ll end up with. You could cleverly and kindly let your high-tech stalker know that you’re on to them with a nice gift like a Spy Camera Watch or a stylish Spy Camera Pen Hidden Camcorder, but your effort would be futile, because whether you shopped on line or in person, they would know what you were up to, because they’ve already installed a Stealth iBot Password Logger on your computer and an Escort Entourage GPS Vehicle Tracker on your car. So what to do? They say the the best defense is a good *offense, so you might consider wearing a Tell Your Eyes To Stop Staring At My Boobs shirt when you grudgingly go on a “just friends”, work hours holiday shopping trip with them, but they’d already have on their Tell Your Boobs To Stop Staring At My Eyes shirt. No, your only hope is probably to scan your home and car with a SpyGear4U Bug Detector and your office cubicle with a BrickHouse Security Sperm Detection Kit, and hope for the best. Because, just like Santa, he sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. So be good, for goodness’ sake.

I’m not really sure what’s so stealthy about the EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles, except that you’d be using them in the dark:

There’s something vaguely disturbing about the sausage-fingered yet effeminate hand model used for this spycam product shot….

…and something equally disturbing about this “Frequently Bought Together” suggestion: