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Welcome To The United States Of Earth

Topics: Politics | Add A CommentBy admin | November 2, 2009

Why don’t you simpering intellectual liberals get more upset about things like Barack the Barbarian comics? Oh. You’re not dumb enough.

Why aren’t the snobbish, intellectual liberals of America more outraged by the racist overtones of things like the Barack the Barbarian comics and the on line game United States of Earth, in which Obama has taken over the country in an Islamic revolution? Well, probably because they’re smart enough to see it as the satire that it is, and just chuckle about it. Unlike their Republican counterparts with that teabag thing, for instance. You Democrats know what I mean. Just keep laughing inside. You Republicans don’t worry about what I’m referring to, just keep teabagging. If you haven’t heard about the comic or the game to which I’m referring, “Barack The Barbarian” is a comic in which Barack Obama is portrayed as an heroic leader of the future clad only in a fur loincloth and armed with an axe. “United States of Earth” is an on line game with a little more depth. Given the surreal state of American politics over the past several years, it wouldn’t surprise me if in the near future there were a battle in DC in which Sarah Palin’s militia attacked Rahm Emanuel’s Hamas guards to seize control of the country. Which is what the site’s creators are counting on; it turns out they’re a group of Ron Paul Libertarians with their own agenda, not some Fox-News-fed kneejerk Republicans as one might at first think. The best in depth look at the site and its creators can be found in this Mother Jones piece by David Corn. I must confess that as someone who’s drifting toward the apolitical myself, I find their strategy pretty amusing, but think it may be too amusing to intellectual liberals and too complicated for lowbrow conservatives to achieve much more than being a temporarily popular game. Don’t let that stop you from signing upĀ  though; who couldn’t love the idea of assaulting Rahm Emanuel?

Never mind 2012, America has 2011 to contend with first…

Sarah Palin as she appears in Barack the Barbarian

Admit it. You want her.