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Monday Misogyny

Topics: Editorial & Opinion | 1 CommentBy admin | November 9, 2009

By request, we’ve brought back our Monday Demotivators. But just this once. We’re pretty sure no-one will ask again, after this edition’s militaristic racism and misogyny, brought to you in part by Best Buy and Nokia.

Much like the US military, Fragger lets you
bomb dark people for no apparent reason.

A number of people have asked what happened to our Monday Demotivators. Well, the fact that it seemed that the vast majority of Flash games are based on animal torture, random violence, and general acts of futility finally wore me down. That, and the fact that I hate Flash games (o_O). So we’ll do this one more time, in the interest of pleasing our visitors. Besides. We may have covered animal torture and random violence, but we forgot racist militarism and misogyny. First up, we have Fragger, in which, much like the US military, you bomb unarmed dark people for no apparent reason. That game’s catapult feature will be good practice for Cheerleader Toss, in which you fling a helpless cheerleader around a basketball court. A moment of violence against women brought to you by Nokia and Best Buy*. Apparently there’s a real-world version too. Along the same lines, if you find the idea of a grabbing a woman’s breasts to cause varying degrees of discomfort while a disco soundtrack plays to be an offensive idea, please, for the love of God, don’t try Booby Blast (very NSFW), which appears to benefit no-one, not even a sponsor. Unlike Super Jump, which, while maintaining the misogyny theme, appears to be an ad for a British motorcycle insurance firm. It at least hints at being an equal opportunity abuser; while you try to get women naked by showing them the “length of your jump”, they tell you how small it is. *Sigh*. Only the British. But enough human-on-human violence for for now, let’s explore a little human-on-duck violence. You may have noticed a little duck keeps flying across the page. You also may have noticed that if you click on it, it dies. You may be wondering at this point why we’re letting somebody else’s duck fly across our page. Well, with any luck, you’ll accidently click on one of our freakin’ ads for once. And also because, as its creator says: “every web page should have ducks you can shoot“. Go duck yourself if you don’t believe me.

The further you go, the further they go, as the ad says.

*You may remember Cheerleader Toss as part of a Best Buy/Nokia viral campaign back in 2005 that was accompanied by a fake trailer for theaters that ended up being a cell phone courtesy PSA. We couldn’t find the clip; there was originally a site at pumpupthemovie.com, but there appears to be no trace of it, even on Archive.org. So here, for your amusement, we have a Star Wars cell phone PSA instead:

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