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Getting Men Involved In Breast Cancer Awareness Month: SAVE THE BOOBS!

Topics: Holidays | Add A CommentBy admin | October 2, 2009

Generally, men are more concerned with women’s breasts than anybody else, so a Canadian non-profit is calling them out on it.

This is not a gratuitous use of breast
imagery. Watch the video below.

Who couldn’t love breasts? They’re beautiful, functional, and plentiful (if you count manboobs, more than half the human race has them). That’s why we should all do our part to (ahem) support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Canadian organization Rethink Breast Cancer is taking the mildly edgy approach of finally calling men out on this one. Men: if you love breasts so much, Save The Boobs! While cancer is no laughing matter, it’s nice to see there are people out there who can care with a sense of humor. On a more serious note though, when you make decisions about exactly how to support breast cancer treatment and awareness, remember that simply buying pink breast cancer awareness products isn’t necessarily a positive move. Not only do many large companies engage in pinkwashing, but the money you donate doesn’t always end up where you think it will. Stick to obviously credible organizations like the National Breast Cancer Foundation or American Cancer Society, and maybe take a look at Health.com’s Where the Money Goes: A Breast Cancer Donation Guide. We’ll be doing our best to keep you abreast of further developments throughout the month.

Video from the Rethink Breast Cancer viral campaign “Save The Boobs”