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Best Sites For Watching TV On Line

Topics: Popular Media | 2 CommentsBy admin | September 26, 2009

Video Killed The Radio Star, but NOTHING seems to be able to kill TV. If you’re ready to surrender, here are 7 great sites for watching TV on line.

Although in general I might rather watch TV On The Radio than watch TV on the Internet, I still do it on occasion. The convergence of The Web and television is an idea that’s been around for ages (anybody remember Microsoft’s early feeble attempt?) but has taken a remarkably long time to catch on. My first bet was on Joost, one of the first web TV services that worked exceptionally well right out of the gate. Alas, America always makes weird choices driven by marketing rather than logic (anybody remember Betamax vs. VHS?) so one of the first pervasive services stateside was Hulu. If you really want to watch a TV show (or even full-length movies) bittorrents might be the way to go, but you have to be a bit of a nerd to figure the whole thing out, and if you want to watch the content as a stream or if you have any respect for those arcane documents that comprise copyright law, bittorrents probably aren’t for you. So back to the point: where can you watch TV on line? Below is a list of sites that actually have worthwhile content and seem to function reasonably well. If you have trouble with getting decent streams on any of these major services, check a few things before you start blaming the service. Aside from having enough RAM or a decent video card, you might try checking your firewall settings, updating your version of Flash, or get your butt off of sites like Facebook that hog system resources and bandwidth.

We already mentioned Hulu and Joost, so here are some more; let us know if we missed any good ones:

Fancast is operated by Comcast, and as a result has a fair amount of decent content. This is one of the few major sites that seems a little glitchy on my systems, both Mac & PC. Who knows, maybe they can tell I’m on AT&T DSL and choke my bandwidth?

TV.com (I wonder how much they paid for that domain?) is the CBS answer to NBC’s Hulu. Lots of popular programming including shows like Dexter, True Blood, Smallville, CSI, Lost, and Family Guy

Veoh is a great aggregator that presents content from a really wide variety of sources including CBS, ABC, MTV, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, ESPN and even YouTube.

In2TV is a partnership between AOL and Warner media that brings you a huge selection of older and more obscure programs from the 60′s and 70′s like Adam 12, Gilligan’s Island, The Addams Family, and much more.

Crackle brings you Sony media, both television *and film. The TV programming includes content like True Colors, Rescue Me, and Married with Children, while the full-length films include everything from Ghostbusters to Taxi Driver.

And of course you could always use pay services like Amazon’s Video on Demand, Netflix, or iTunes, but that kind of defeats the whole purpose, doesn’t it?

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