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Virtual Reality Shopping Remains A Virtual Reality

Topics: Editorial & Opinion | 2 CommentsBy admin | June 22, 2009

This week’s Monday Demotivators focuses on something much more important than Flash games and puzzles: SHOPPING!

If you’re here for the Flash games & puzzles usually featured in our Monday Demotivators, our apologies. Today we’re going to talk about something much more important: shopping! Soon to be featured in part two of my list of disappointing technologies will be virtual shopping. As someone who loves trying on glasses with friends, but really loathes trying them on alone at a revolving drug store display, this tool for trying on Silhouette sunglasses struck my fancy yesterday, and got me thinking: whatever happened to that future full of virtual reality shopping they promised us back in the nineties? Well, apparently, not much. While there are moderately functional sites like H & M’s Personal Dressing Room, which at least lets you add your own photo, there are many more sites (Land’s End, Sears, Levi, etc.) which only let you drag clothes around on a generic avatar-like model, usually using the third-party tool My Virtual Model. A couple of years ago we had the epic fail of TheMallPlus.com, which looks like it was constructed from Lawnmower Man out-takes. And more recently, developers like Holition are working on interesting ideas like a virtual mirror. But in terms of an actually useful tool, most retailers seemed to have abandoned the concept, focusing instead on quirky virals like Ikea’s Dream Kitchen, which is kind of like “Bullet Time meets This Old House”, or The Gap’s Watch Me Change, which is really just a customizable cartoon strip show (especially if you forget to choose an outfit, like I did). Know of any interesting virtual reality shopping tools? I really couldn’t find much….

If I ever want to enter The Matrix I’ll just go to Silhouettes.com:

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  1. Posted by Kevin Wisney-Leonard on 06.23.09 7:16 pm

    Damn my man you look HOT

  2. Posted by Scott Jewell on 07.05.09 7:45 pm

    as always your net nuggests are superb