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Wristcutters – A Love Story

Topics: Popular Media | 2 CommentsBy admin | May 24, 2009

The best foreign film of 2009 was made in America in 2007

Although Harold and Maude pulled it off, it’s hard to imagine a light-hearted quirky romance that begins with a suicide. Wristcutters – A Love Story manages this, and is one of those rare creations that actually gives the term sui generis a purpose. You are unlikely to see another film that you will easily compare to it – the best I might come up with would be Box of Moonlight, Leningrad Cowboys, or Bagdad Cafe – which is why you might as well just go ahead and see it. If you didn’t know otherwise, you might assume the film to be one of the best foreign films of 2009 because of its unique pacing, atmosphere, and weak distribution, but it was in fact produced in America, and released in 2007. If you’ve ever been close to suicide, whether yours or someone close to you, you’ll appreciate an aspect of the film that may be lost on some.  Although there’s a sort of glib humorous tone, the acting and direction throughout brilliantly maintains a more subtle, powerful feeling of a bleak, humorous, detached hopefulness that only those who have experienced some real depth of feeling will recognize. The visual style of the film – you feel like you’re in a perpetual southwestern U.S. netherworld of monochromatic modern ghost towns – was created digitally, but evolved out of the filmmaker’s original intention to shoot on infrared Super 16 film stock, which proved too costly. Tom Waits turns in a great performance, the acting across the board is perfectly pitched, and the soundtrack is excellent on its own. Where else will you find Joy Division flowing effortlessly into Russian folk punk? I look forward to any future projects by director Goran Dukic, and I just ordered the book of short stories by Etgar Keret that the film’s story was taken from (the specific story was “Kneller’s Happy Campers”); I’m dying to see if the writing is as good as the concepts.

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  1. Posted by Hava on 05.24.09 4:25 pm

    wow… sounds like something I’d want to see. thanks! I haven’t thought about a Box of Moonlight in years! that was a great movie.

  2. Posted by kristin on 05.24.09 5:04 pm

    one of the few movies i’ve actually seen. it was interesting. short, but captivating.