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Why I’m Moving To Vienna And Forming A Balkan Funk Band

Topics: Lifestyle & Culture, Music | 1 CommentBy admin | May 26, 2009

The Internet is dangerous. One day you’re watching an American film about suicide, the next day you’re moving to Vienna and starting a Balkan Funk Band.

The Internet is dangerous. It’s because of the Internet that I’m moving to either Barcelona or Vienna and starting a Balkan Funk Band. Let me explain. The other day, I finally saw Wrist Cutters – A Love Story (and wrote about it). I loved bits of the soundtrack, especially the tunes by Gogol Bordello, so I picked up their CD Multi Kontra Culti vs. Irony, because I couldn’t get the song Through The Roof ‘N’ Underground out of my head. There was one part of the lyric that I couldn’t make out, so I googled it, and amongst the results were images of a grass-roofed, insanely organic building designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, whose work is a little suggestive of Antoni Gaudi, one of my favorite architects. As I kept browsing images of Gaudi and Hundertwasser, I got more curious about Gogol Bordello , and found out that one of their ex-members had formed a band called Balkan Beat Box. The damage was done, I had found my life’s new purpose: I am destined to form a Balkan Funk Band. I decided the only way I could draw the inspiration I need is to live in an apartment that has no corners. Don’t ask me why, but it is one of several things that Hundertwasser and Gaudi had in common. The images speak for themselves, but if you haven’t heard the music mentioned here, well, Gogol Bordello plays an odd sort of acoustic slavic folk punk. Their songs routinely capture a bemused melancholy, a hopeful resignation, sort of suggestive of Borat’s more thoughtful brothers or something. Balkan Beat Box is a different story. Imagine Drum ‘n’ Bass, but with the bass lines beefed up with tubas, and the synth wails tempered with trumpets. All with a gypsy-like arabic scales running through it. They use a lot of samples and drum loops. Imagine you hung out with a polka band, dropped some acid and smoked some really good hash, and headed off to the club. Which is what I think I’ll just be doing now.

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