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Our Constitution: It’s Just To DIE For

Topics: Politics | Add A CommentBy admin | May 22, 2009

Memorial Day weekend is a great time to ask if our constitution is still worth dying for. The latest change? The FCC can inspect your baby monitor without a warrant.

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, maybe it’s time to take a moment to honor those who have died for our great country. Or, more importantly, maybe ask ourselves if we would do the same, or if we even live in the same country they did. I mean, if one of the things you’d be willing to die for is the constitution, shouldn’t you check first to see if it still exists? We now know that not only did the Bush administration declare the 4th Amendment irrelevant, but apparently the new administration isn’t doing a lot to change things, and recently, the FCC has been taking things to a new level regarding search and seizure. You know that tag you’ll find on mattresses that says “Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law“? By now, most of us know it wasn’t directed at the consumer. But there’s another tag in your house you might be concerned about. Do you own a wireless router, a cordless phone, a baby monitor, or a cell phone? You know the label that you’ll find on some devices (and in that chapter of the manual you didn’t read) that refers to Part 15 of the FCC rules? Well, in a rather bizarre twist, the FCC has perverted these regulations to give themselves authority to conduct warrantless searches on private property. I’d suggest you mount your wireless router on the outside of your house, and put all your other devices in a lockbox outside your door. That baby monitor’s gonna be a problem though.