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Touchy Feely Lipstick Laptops

Topics: Technology | 2 CommentsBy admin | April 12, 2009

Cool laptop concepts, with something special for the ladies. Or guys like me, who wear makeup.

As someone who’s always a little disappointed with existing technology (give me anti-gravity travel and holographic computer interfaces, NOW!), I have a bit of a fetish for design concepts. My current reality-based fantasy is for the MacBook Touch to actually exist. It would also be fun, if it did exist, if it had a more three dimensional, tactile interface, something like BumpTop. While we’re dreaming of a more interesting mobile computing device, how about a “laptop” that rolls up so you can carry it like a purse? Or something like the HP Makeup, which has a screen that converts to a mirror, a built-in cosmetic tray, and a nail polishing port. There’s also a fitness model. Those two images are from a humorous piece created by a Russian designer for a women’s holiday feature. More info here, and if you speak Russian, here. And the closest we have to my dream of a holographic computer are apparently the Celluon Laser Keyboard and the i-Tech Virtual Laser Keyboard. I wait patiently for the future as I type this on my cute black MacBook.

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