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Audi Shark Flying Car

Topics: Technology | Add A CommentBy admin | March 10, 2009

Which unfortunately doesn’t fly. Or exist, for that matter.

People always give me a hard time for not having a car. They usually either think I lost my license in some drug-induced tragedy involving small children and senior citizens, or that I’m a tree-hugging peacenik trying to save mankind. Neither could be further from the truth; I’m just incredibly disappointed that they don’t fly! That’s why I like the idea that people still at least ponder the idea; the Audi Shark (pictured left) is only a design contest winner submitted by Turkish car designer Kazim Doku, but captures in a stylish way the essence of the Blade Runner hover cars I dream of. Which is cool, because if you’re going to spend your life making pretend cars that may never work, they shouldn’t be hideously ugly and bankrupt you. The press manages to forget about the Moller Skycar just linked to every eleven months or so, so sit tight and you’ll probably see it in the news again soon. The equally ugly Terrafugia at least has the technical and financial backing of MIT, so may actually get off the ground. You can see more of Kazim Doku’s Audi Shark in this YouTube clip; he also has apparently won a Peugeot design contest with the üstüminki concept car. And he has more interesting work on his DeviantArt page.