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Tuesday Torture For Young Urban Failures

Topics: Editorial & Opinion | Add A CommentBy admin | January 27, 2009

See you in the unemployment line?

That image at left, aside from being an interesting abstract grid pattern, is a bunch of cars that haven’t been sold. More interesting shots like it at The Guardian. As a dirty trick, and in honor of the growing ranks of the unemployed, I decided to move our Monday Demotivators to Tuesday. Now, after not looking for a job on Monday like you said you would, you’ll come here Tuesday morning thinking it’s safe, and waste yet another day playing stupid on line Flash games. It’s okay, jobs suck anyway. Although if for some reason you’re hell-bent on having one, the skills you’ll need for Candystand’s Grid might come in handy if you want to work on the country’s new energy grid plans. Moving on: with a name like Boomshine, I was hoping for something a little boomier or shinier, but people seem to love it. Probably because of the cheesy Windham Hill-esque piano music, which frankly left me feeling a little sadistic, so that when I got around to trying the skydiver game The Jumper, I found it more amusing to just let the guy keep falling. So I have no idea if that game sucks or not. And although I may have just given the impression of being insensitive to human life, I just want to point out that this detachment does not extend to Meeblings. Day are toe tyoot! Wisten to da tweet wittle meebwings! And lastly, proving how crucial sound is to any form of entertainment, we have Scriball. Fun, but turn down the sound, or I guarantee that after the third or fourth time around, you’ll want to track down this guy and his drum machine for your own little first-person shooter. Happy Tuesday, see you down at the dole queue! (I’ll be the guy on the curb, smoking and reading a tattered copy of Tales of a Young Urban Failure)