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Short Term Memory Test

Topics: Editorial & Opinion | 4 CommentsBy admin | October 29, 2008

It’s a test of your short-term memory

Okay, you remembered the headline long enough to get this far. Now try this. And don’t hate me if you waste an hour failing. The short term memory test, that is. And come back and share your score. If you remember.

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  1. Posted by John Minock on 10.29.08 10:46 am

    level 10, with 2 do-overs along the way

  2. Posted by admin on 10.29.08 11:49 am

    Um, a level 10 on what?
    And why am I typing in this little box?

  3. Posted by Dojo Nick on 10.29.08 3:55 pm

    Cat penny mouse fan dvd. Dammit!

  4. Posted by » Monetizing Others’ Wasted Time - Dissociated Press on 10.30.08 2:40 am

    [...] around here should do a little more actual writing. But ironically, people enjoy things like yesterday’s memory test, so I can tell them that things like this mind-reading web page, this laser reflection game, or [...]