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Seeking Solar Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Topics: Technology | Add A CommentBy admin | September 29, 2008

Can we just talk for a minute about the solar-powered bra?

There are plenty of clean & green concept vehicles around, like the frankly rather absurd solar bicycle, pictured left. Much cooler, in my opinion, is when people just dig in and do it. Want to start your own solar project? Although you could always steal the solar panels you need, there’s a more ethical way to get going cheaply. Mike Davis is a tinkerer from Arizona who builds inexpensive home-made solar panels from parts he buys on eBay.  Total cost per panel? $104.85, not including labor and eBay page-load waits. Mike has a few other projects on his vintage, 1999-style web site, which appears to have also been home-made. Rock on Mike. Maybe you should give 12-Year-Old William Yuan a call. William just won $25,000 for his science project , which may lead to a 500-fold increase in energy captured, compared to a traditional solar cell. Pretty impressive. When I was twelve, my idea of a science project was trying to reverse-engineer my girlfriend Jeanne’s bra. And on that note, yes, there is indeed such a thing as a solar-powered bra.