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Careful Planning Enhances Procrastination

Topics: Lifestyle & Culture | Add A CommentBy admin | September 6, 2008

With the right tools, ANY project can be delayed almost indefinitely…

It’s the weekend, and you finally have some time to organize some of those projects you couldn’t get to during the week. Why not implement a flow chart to get things on track? At left is a chart I resort to when I want things I don’t really need. Just substitute any phrase for “Pan Flute” (like, “60 inch Plasma TV” or “orgasm”) and voila! Decision made. I already saved two hours and a few hundred dollars today thanks to that simple chart. If you’re having trouble getting your project rolling, check out the Procrastination Flow Chart. Graphs can also be useful. Peruse the user-submitted graphs at GraphJam.com for useful analyses like Waking Time Spent On Boobies or this concise assessment of the information age. Thinking about upgrading to Windows Vista? Here’s a chart to help you. As we’ve pointed out before, even technologically impaired organizations like the RIAA use flow charts. See the RIAA Lawsuit Decision Matrix. This Things To Say During Sex diagram is not really a flow chart or a graph, but has some good advice all the same. And lastly, when you go back to work on Monday, remember: succesful BlameStorming doesn’t just happen. Proper planning is essential.