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Hala Strana & The Mysterious Track-04

Topics: Music | Add A CommentBy admin | August 27, 2008

Name that tune and I’ll give you a dollar

Recently a photographer/artist friend of mine (Robin Vincent, check out some cool photography here) gave me a cool mix on CD and accidently sent me on one of those maddeningly gratifying searches for music that involves spending a hundred bucks when you really had only set out to find one CD. If you’re into exploring the fringe of low-tech, ambient/atmospheric music (things like Tim Hecker spring to mind) you have to check out Hala Strana , which – although other artists collaborate on the project – is essentially a solo project by Steven R. Smith. In the Hala Strana recordings, Smith utilizes the intrumentation, arrangements, and sometimes samples of music from Eastern Europe to create some magical atmospheres that often sound like a lost soundtrack from a Krzysztof Kieslowski film. If you like the general feel of Hala Strana, you might want to peruse the other artists on the labels Soft Abuse, Emperor Jones, or Jewelled Antler. Personally I’m still on a bit of a quest here; the song that got me all started on this was the haunting and mysteriously (un)named track 04. That’s a link to a lo-fi mp3, if anybody can tell me which CD this is actually on and what it’s called, I’ll give you a dollar. So much music, so little time.