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A Message of Change and Hope

Topics: Comics | 4 CommentsBy admin | August 17, 2008

And change. And hope and stuff.

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  1. Posted by » Who Needs A Decider When You Can Have A Divider? - Dissociated Press on 08.24.08 2:16 pm

    [...] you’re informed on the issues, and you’ve made your decision. It’s either Mr. Hopey-Changey Guy or Mr. Vietnamikaze. So why not prove to yourself with a blind taste test that you’re picking [...]

  2. Posted by » New WhiteHouse.gov: Spiffier Than Joe Biden’s Teeth! - Dissociated Press on 01.21.09 9:41 am

    [...] such a late adopter with technology. Puh!) In any case, I couldn’t be more enthused about the changey hopey, and I’m glad there seems to be enough humor in this new administrastion that maybe [...]

  3. Posted by » Things I Wish Obama Would Say In A State Of The Union Address - Dissociated Press on 01.27.10 8:41 am

    [...] and they’re jealous so we’ll just have to bomb someone”. So when I voted for Mr. Hopey Changey, I think I was fantasizing that in one of his speeches he would say something like “Our team [...]

  4. Posted by » Spiritual Growth Through Politics - Dissociated Press on 05.21.10 12:12 pm

    [...] one of the early supporters of Mr Hope and Change, I have to confess that the last two years have been a real exercise in personal and spiritual [...]