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Khalid Hanifi – Pamplemousse Presse

Topics: Music | Add A CommentBy admin | July 23, 2008

A quick listen to Khalid Hanifi’s catchy new radio-ready CD, Pamplemousse Presse

Khalid Hanifi - Pamplemousse PresseOn his new release Pamplemousse Presse, Khalid Hanifi pulls off something any pop songwriter could admire, drawing from the pop palette without resorting to pop cliché, and effortlessly (well, maybe he worked on it…) blending excellent hooks with solid song craftsmanship. This collection of songs is solidly listenable from beginning to end, and in fact (whether I like it or not) remains pretty listenable in my head when the songs get stuck there. Very catchy stuff. Although you could toss off comparisons to a wide variety of singer songwriters (Rufus Wainright, Joseph Arthur, Joe Jackson, Michael Penn and others spring to mind) Hanifi has a maturity and purity of pitch in his voice and delivery that he clearly owns. You can only really compare Khalid Hanifi to Khalid Hanifi. Well paced, produced & mixed with exceptional clarity, strong melody, and nicely placed, sophisticated harmonies, this CD has only grown on me more with each listen. This is a seriously radio-ready (people still listen to those, don’t they?) artist who would fit comfortably into an adult alternative rotation as easily as an alt-country mix. If this is what Khalid Hanifi does when he’s not pursuing his music career full time, I can’t wait until he gets serious about it. Purchase a downloadable version on DigStation for USD9.99, or pick up the CD at CDBaby for USD12.97.