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Beyond the Uncanny Valley of the Robo-Dolls

[ Comments Off ]Posted on June 26, 2008 by admin in Lifestyle & Culture, Technology

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Welcome to the Uncanny Valley, where things are getting creepier every day.

Welcome to your creepy robot future. The ACM-R5 Amphibious Robot Snake pictured here is not a CG effect created for the next Alien movie, it’s an actual robotic snake. I have no idea why one would want a robot snake, amphibious or otherwise, but there you have it. To fully experience its creepiness though, you really have to watch this video on YouTube. For more robot creepiness, check out Boston Dynamics’ BIGDOG (YouTube link). It looks uncannily like the legs of two Cirque du Soleil dancers have been amputated and then grafted onto a large, motorized duffle bag. Slightly less creepy, but still managing an Uncanny Valley Quotient of 9 out of 10, is this Japanese Robo-Girl (YouTube link). If you’re not familiar with the term, learn more about the Uncanny Valley here.

Everybody Has A Stupid Brother

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Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Who would have guessed that the Dalai Lama has a plain-talking brother?

Jimmy Carter had a stupid brother. Bill Clinton had a stupid brother. George Bush probably IS the stupid brother (in that photo at left, the Dalai Lama is showing him where normal people’s moral standards are). But who’d have guessed that the Dalai Lama has one? Okay. I don’t know if he’s stupid, but things that he says are definitely a little “un-Dalai-Lama-like”.


Interviewer: At a young age, you, too, were recognized as a reincarnate of an important man, right? Tendzin Choegyal: Oh, that’s bullshit. I don’t believe it.

The interview is worth reading just to hear his take on Steven Seagal. By the way, don’t tell my brothers you read this; I’ll have some explaining to do…

Record Industry Begs World: “Please Stop Buying Music!”

[ 1 Comment ]Posted on June 25, 2008 by admin in Music, Popular Media

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Why does the recording industry want radio stations to stop playing music?

In the ongoing saga of the RIAA just not getting it, they are apparently tired of suing old ladies who don’t even have computers and dead people and are now trying to kill their oldest and most reliable channel of cheap promotion, radio. Although the recording industry historically was quite happy to pay the broadcasting industry to play music (illegally, in fact – it was called payola), they now seem to think it should be the other way around. Click on the image at left for a detailed flow chart of how the RIAA decides whom to sue.

Why Would We Pay Hillary Clinton to Lose in the Primaries?

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Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Hillary the Undead wants every last penny she can get, even though she already had a bunch of pennies and wasted them on candy.

Barack Obama is asking donors to help Hillary with her debt. Now hold on a minute. If she had just freakin’ dropped out of the race instead of serving up her perpetual encore performance of Hillary the Undead, would she even be in debt? And besides, isn’t half the debt a result of money she loaned to herself? Go ahead suckers. Here’s your “Donate” link. But be aware that the reason she’s laughing so hard in that picture on the left is because she’s on the way to the bank. Frankly, I think it would be a much better use of your money to donate it to someone like me who could actually use it though. So here’s a way for you to donate to my “I Need Money More Than Hillary Fund”. Just click the PayPal button below. I’m serious.

Screw Vanity Fair, Gimme Some Vanity Press

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Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

MagCloud lets you start a magazine with nothing more than a PDF file and a PayPal acount.

I’ve always been a bit of a magazine fetishist. Over the years, some favorites have included rags like The Face, I.D., i-D, Wired, Surface, and many more. Lately I like Radar. Although they got a little too fanboy/fangirlish sometimes, they present some pretty amusing skews on pop media. All of our magazine content frustrations are now over, though, thanks to MagCloud. If you can create a PDF and setup a PayPal account, you can start a magazine. They take care of the printing, mailing, and subscription management. The profit model is based on the same idea as services like CafePress. You design the product and (over)price it, they manufacture, bill, and ship. Pretty cool. They’re still in Beta, but don’t be surprised to find a print version of Dissociated Press for sale soon. Read the rest of this entry »

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