About Me

Ian Gray

Ian Gray is a Nobel Laureate and best-selling author of such books as “Anti-Gravity: It Isn’t So Complicated, Really” which not only had a tremendous impact on the world of physics, but made stuff, well…float and whatnot. His pioneering works on economics (Money is a Really Dumb Concept, 2009) and food distribution (Are You Gonna Eat That? Cuz You Know Poor People Like Dinner Too, 2010) solved some of the dumber problems in the world so we could all get on to the more important stuff, like hanging out by the fire with a glass of wine or cup of tea, and some good conversation or sex. Ian lives in a simple but sprawling home on a private island overlooking the Mediterranean with his lovely wife Isabella and their two biological and twelve adopted children. His hobbies include ballooning and playing bocce ball with the kids, and in more reflective moments, studying levitation and astral travel with the Eternal Masters of the Himalayas, whose previous students have included P.D. Ouspensky, G. I. Gurdjieff, and Douglas Adams.

This all of course is in an alternate reality. In the one in which you are reading this, Ian is something of a hack as both a web developer and a writer, and doesn’t even have a girlfriend. He has gone ballooning, hang gliding, and skydiving though, so there. He’s also not such a bad person as humans go. Although occasionally inept at basic things like personal financial security, and remembering to eat or sleep, he is currently developing two non-profit concepts: one for a Cultural Exchange Community Action Center and another for a Greentech Lawn Care R&D project.

Ian created Dissociated Press as a way of forcing himself to write every day, even if badly, and even if only a few hundred words. He cringes when people call the site a “blog” (it is, more accurately, a link aggregator with commentary) but it does in fact run on a savagely hacked version of WordPress. The long-term goal of the site is to migrate to an actual content management system, offer longer articles, and perhaps even an on-demand print version. Though we haven’t seen much demand yet.

Ian welcomes & encourages feedback from visitors, as well as inquiries from potential contributors.

The only purpose of this site – for now – is to amuse and inform.

Corrections of factual errors regarding this brief bio are welcomed as comments below…