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Will You Shut Up About The Oscars Already?

Topics: Missing Links | Add A CommentBy admin | February 26, 2013

Right after you view an amazing roundup of Oscar GIF’s. Somewhere else. Last week we declared social media dead, this week it’s the Internet Meme and the GIF.

Our sentiments about the Academy Awards can be summed up pretty quickly. They’re stupid. If you don’t get why they’re stupid, Jerry Seinfeld sums it up well in this clip (video also below). But you know what made them even more stupid this year? The fact that for the first (and hopefully last) time in history, the post-awards commentary collided with the already-played-out animated-GIF-as-meme. Nothing says You’re Doing it Wrong  like the mainstream media trying to be hip by mining mercurial internet humor. And the incessant re-posting of the same decidedly not funny GIF’s on thousands of news and entertainment websites was a fitting eulogy for the animated GIF meme. So. We declared social media dead last week; this week we’re declaring the whole “internet meme” meme dead. Especially the animated GIF. The only effective humor to be found in most internet memes is driven by their obscurity and inside-jokiness. They almost universally are given birth deep in the bowels of Reddit, Something Awful, or 4Chan, enjoy a brief “humor event horizon”, and by the time they reach sites like QuickMeme.com, they’re even more unfunny than when someone tries to verbally explain a really funny single-panel comic that was based on a sight gag. So we apologize for recently capitalizing on the linkbait strategy of posting “funny YouTube clips and animated GIF’s” in our weekly Missing Links. Next week we’ll have a roundup of actually interesting links. Enjoy our farewell to the animated GIF and YouTubidity, after the Seinfeld clip below.

The Only Oscar GIF We’re Sharing This Week

Just kidding, it’s a funny cat GIF.
And to show how meta we are, it’s not even that.

Russian Lane Change

We missed this in our linkbaiting Russian Dash Cam collection last week.

The Last Animated GIF We Will Ever Post

This is you, if you came here expecting to see funny Oscar GIF’s

Okay, Second to Last

This thing makes the Hasselhoffian Recursion look downright amateurish.