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Just Who The Heck Do You Think You Are?

Topics: Lifestyle & Culture | 1 CommentBy admin | July 27, 2009

Whatever your answer is, I hope you’re happy with yourself. Find out who you are with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. And then get happy!

I am absolutely fascinated with people’s fascination with personality quizzes, which is why I’ve written about the topic before. I don’t need a multimillion dollar study to tell me that clearly, people take them because they either truly want to understand themselves better, or they simply want to reaffirm whatever they already believe about themselves (or in the case of Facebook quizzes like “Which Old-School Obscure Seasame Street character are you?“, do neither, while entertaining their friends). If you answer a well-designed test honestly and with self-awareness, they can be very helpful, but obviously a poorly-designed test leaves a lot of room for “Self-Report Bias”. So. If you really do want to to get to know yourself better, there are only a few credible methods on line to do so. And you can trust me, because according to this simple Jungian word pair test, I’m an ENFJ. Which means I’m a “Persuader. An outstanding leader of groups. Aggressive at helping others to be the best that they can be, and represent only 2.5% of the total population“. Hmm. I always suspected I was an outsider somehow. But my low self-intelligence result on this Multiple Intelligence Quiz prevented me from figuring it out. But now that I know, and since I do want to help you be the best you can be, here’s a whole page of these tests. After you’ve spent most of the day coming to a better understanding of yourself, ask yourself: are you happy? If you’re not sure, you could try the tests at the Penn State Authentic Happiness web site, but let me maybe save you some trouble. You have to create a log-in, and although the tests are assembled by the top minds in the field of Positive Psychology, they didn’t tell me much I didn’t know. They’re great though, if you know you’re unhappy but don’t understand why. And if you want to get happy and don’t know how, you could pick up a copy of Positivity, by Barbara Fredrickson, or The How of Happiness, by Sonja Lyubomirsky. Not that I have, I’m just recommending them. Because I’m an ENFJ, remember? But they’re two of the top women in the field, and although many sources credit Martin Seligman as “The Father of Positive Psychology”, I’ve seen interviews with him, and he always looks grumpy. And finally, if you’re one of those poor souls who comes here on Monday for our recently discontinued Monday Demotivators, here’s the obligatory gizmo. It’s not a silly Flash game, but it’s close. It’s also an iPhone app, if you were wondering about that “happiness in the palm of your hand” tagline, like I was. Apparently expressing gratitude is a scientifically-proven method of boosting your short and long term happiness.

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