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Facebook Like Button Alternatives

Topics: Technology | 7 CommentsBy admin | August 14, 2010

I really hope you like this. Because if you don’t, I’m assuming you hate it.

Don’t you love the Like button? No longer must we pause, actually think about something and articulate a response; we can either just “like” it or not. Which sort of raises the question: if you don’t click the “Like” button, doesn’t that mean that you don’t like something? I mean, when life is distilled down to a binary set of responses, and you don’t engage in the simple action of clicking a little “Like” button, shouldn’t your inaction be perceived as an active dislike? I’m going to assume so from now on, and be forced to ask: WHY DO YOU HATE ME SO MUCH??? The fact is that although I personally find it frustrating that on Facebook I can only “Like” something or not, or be someone’s “Friend” or not, Facebook will probably always thrive on this kind of binary decision making process. But that won’t stop some of us from pondering the possibilities. Mark Cuban for instance, thinks the Like button would benefit from some color coding. And a BoingBoing.net reader has proposed a “meh” button. So, never wanting to miss a ride on the meme wagon, we’ve come up with a few of our own. See below. And remember: if you don’t “Like” this article, we’ll be assuming you hate it.

Sometimes, simply not clicking a “Like” button isn’t enough. It would obviously be nice to have a “Dislike” button…

And then there are those times when you really, really dislike something…

Let’s be honest. Sometimes flipping someone off just isn’t enough…

Or maybe you just want to chastise them a little bit…

Or probe their thoughts. Or other parts of them…

This our version of BoingBoing reader obeyken’s idea

And once you get going on these, it’s hard to stop.

Any Like Button Alternatives you’d like to see?

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  1. Posted by Facebook & Skype. Two Great Tastes That Don’t Taste Great Together at dissociatedpress.com on 09.29.10 11:21 pm

    [...] button has removed the burden of ever actually having to make intelligent comments, we already suggested a bunch of “Like” button alternatives. But I think it would be even cooler if they added a little audio widget that would let you add [...]

  2. Posted by lala on 10.08.10 8:23 am

    Not very nice graphics the stroke sizes, illustration styles, shapes etc. is all different. Not consistent at all. Graphic Designer point of view.

  3. Posted by admin on 10.08.10 4:09 pm

    Apparently the grammar in the comments leaves something to be desired as well. We’ll try to implement a “Don’t Like” button just for you, lala, so you don’t have to attempt using English in the future


  4. Posted by U Flattr Me at dissociatedpress.com on 10.31.10 12:46 am

    [...] pointed out the limited usefulness of the Facebook “Like” button before; in fact we offered a set of alternatives. Although I have no metrics to prove it, I personally think that the “Like” button [...]

  5. Posted by My Likes Are My Own, Thanks « Shoulblog on 01.27.11 9:58 pm

    [...] “Dislike” graphic from Dissociated Press [...]

  6. Posted by Michelle on 10.20.11 10:11 am

    I would LOVE to get a “Who the FUCKKKKKKKK cares?” button. seriously, It would have helped in so many ways, instead of writing it to everyone, I could just press a button

  7. Posted by David Garcia on 10.31.11 2:46 pm

    “Bitch Slap” button is long over due.