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Hick Hop Hos Throw Down At The Hoedown

Topics: Music | 2 CommentsBy admin | June 30, 2010

In some magical realm between Kid Rock, Cowboy Troy, and Eminem, a megastar is waiting to be born.

Bubba Sparxxx Hoggin’ The Mic

It may never have occurred to you before just how much gangsta rap and bluegrass have in common. Well, okay. They really don’t have much. Which is why – in spite of a lot of obvious talent and decent production – a project like Gangstagrass ends up lacking the difficult to define “cred” that makes this kind of genre-bending work. You can’t just add fiddles and banjos to your Roland drum beats, rap over it, and call it anything but a novelty. But somewhere out there, in a magical sweet spot somewhere between the contrived posturing of Kid Rock, Cowboy Troy, and Eminem, there’s sure to be the magical formula for the ultimate “Hick Hop”. Country and Rap have roots that have so much in common – lamenting lyrics about bad boys and girls, jail, murder and life’s struggles, and a working class mass market appeal – that it’s amazing this genre hasn’t exploded already. Bubba Sparxxx 2001 hit Ugly (video below) came close, but may have hit the market too early, and may have actually suffered from Timbaland’s high-profile backing. And Boondox might have been a little more interesting if he hadn’t gone so totally “juggalo” under Insane Clown Posse’s tutelage. No, somewhere out there in the back woods or southern hills of America, the rap/hip hop equivalent of the banjo savant genius in “Deliverance” is waiting to be discovered.

Bubba Sparxxx – Ugly

You might recognize the Desi and Missy Elliott samples and influences in Bubba Sparxxx’ 2001 hit.

Country Hip Hop Dancing is Sweeping The Nation!

The nation of Canada, that is.

If you don’t see the potential here, you obviously haven’t seen this cat flatfootin’ to 50 Cent….

Boondox – It Aint A Thing

The lyrics in this tune are pretty vulgar, but the video demonstrates Boondox’ Juggalo/ICP stylings

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