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Finding Reality Boring? Augment It.

Topics: Technology | Add A CommentBy admin | August 28, 2009

Reality is much more interesting when it’s all commented on and tagged like a Facebook status post or Flickr set.

Check Out The iPhone “Stalk Her” App

We looked at the future of augmented reality back in April, but had no idea at the time that so many developers were on the verge of launching apps so soon. Acrossair has a cool app that tells Londoners where their nearest tube station is via their iPhone’s video function. RobotVision AR is a little more interesting; it integrates Bing local search, geotagged Flickr photos, and Twitter connections with an app that lets you simply point the camera in different directions to locate the shops, hotels, or tourist spots you’re looking for. The Austrian startup Mobilizy is developing AR driving directions with text-to-speech functionality called Wikitude Drive. They plan to include more “social navigation” features in future releases. Japanese company Tonchidot is introducing “airtagging” via their tool SekaiCamera. This is all incredibly cool stuff, but being the future-obsessed late adopter I am, I think I’ll hold out for the holographic version where life will be like one big “Pop Up Video”.

Tools like this come in especially handy when you’re a naked killer robot from the future looking for some hot leather gear and a motorcycle: