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I Dropped Food On The Floor Should I Eat It Flowchart

Topics: Editorial & Opinion | 2 CommentsBy admin | December 19, 2008

Is the three second rule too simple? Here’s a chart.

Here’s a carefully diagrammed assessment based on the Three Second Rule. More info here.

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  1. Posted by TeacherPatti on 12.19.08 12:07 pm

    Of course, this whole thing is negated if you have a dog like mine. Then it’s just a race to see if Buddy gets to it first.

  2. Posted by admin on 12.19.08 1:33 pm

    I know this phenomena well, and I usually win. It’s important to remind even the most beloved pet though that in spite of our love for them, we are, like it or not, higher up the food chain. I find that licking my lips and making a smacking sound while holding a knife and fork while saying “Aww, [INSERT PET NAME], duzzn’t yoo wook de-wishus!” will usually suffice.