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McCain = Bush = Court Date

Topics: Politics | Add A CommentBy admin | July 8, 2008

Strong-arming 61-year-old librarians is not going to win the election, Mr. McCain.

You would think an old geezer like John McCain would be more sensitive to the needs of old ladies. Needs which don’t include being strong-armed by security for expressing your thoughts (link includes footage as well as story content). Carol Kreck, a 61-year-old librarian from Denver, was waiting in line to attend a McCain “town hall” meeting. At the behest of McCain’s security people, she was cited for trespassing and escorted away because she was carrying a sign that read “McCain = Bush”. She logically pointed out that if you’re a Republican who voted for Bush, why should you be offended by the sign? Kreck was told “You have two choices. You can keep your sign here and receive a ticket for trespassing, or you can remove the sign and stay in line and attend this town hall meeting.”. To her credit she accepted the ticket and a court date.